About the Zone

A modern logistics zone that offers commercial facilities, customs Bonded Zone re-exports zones.  Strategically located near the Red Sea, a major crossing point for global maritime trade amounting to 13% of the global trade, making it one of the major platforms for trade between Europe, Africa and Asia, covering a land area of 2,378,085 m2  in its first phase with gross flat area of 1,382,748 m2

Long-term economic returns

Distinctive projects

Driving innovation


Al Khomra logistics zone is expected to host 10 business areas from four vital sectors:


It includes primary manufacturing facilities, secondary manufacturing facilities, storage and cooling facilities and food distribution centres.


– Strengthening strategic partnerships with the private sector

– Opening new horizons for promising investment and commercial opportunities

– Providing integrated and advanced logistics services

The above are set to increase trade exchange through the provision of commercial facilities, Customs Bonded zone and re-export area, to optimize the Saudi Ports Capacity and to facilitate the Kingdom’s Import/export operations.

The zone will also help will also help in reducing shipping costs, improving productivity, increasing reliability and punctuality, in addition to improving the quality of services and attracting investment opportunities for the logistics sector. Al Khomra will contribute to emission reduction, traffic management and the creation of direct and indirect job opportunities will also reduce, during the primary phase of the project.


Pre- Qualifications requirements

1. Submission of the company profile, including the number of establishments (owned and managed)

2. Minimum 10 years of experience in a related field

3. Successful completion of relevant and related projects, similar in size to the proposed development, explaining the company’s developmental and operational role

4. In case of partnerships, the partners’ profiles shall be submitted, highlighting their relevant and related experience in similar projects (with a minimum of 10 years of experience in a related field)

5. Submission of audited financial income, cash flow, and net value statements of the company, with bank and cash statements for the three previous years.

6. If the bidder is a joint venture:

a- An official joint venture agreement shall be submitted, listing the names of partners and determination of liabilities of each party.

b- Submission of the required licenses and commercials registration.

c- Submission of details of authorized signatories, acting under authorized power of attorney

d- Submission of a clear proposal of division of responsibilities and institutional relations among members.

e- Submitting an undertaking to the General Authority of Ports certifying that each party of the venture shall be jointly and individually responsible for partnership with the bidder, arising from this venture